When it comes to content generation, there are a few rules to follow. You break the rules and you’re in big trouble! Well… that’s a lie. You won’t be in any trouble but your blog posts will be boring which may result in low readership.

You may or may not have noticed the internet has become a sort of ‘cesspool’ of subpar websites. We’re betting you noticed. If you didn’t, you’re turning a blind eye towards the garbage that’s available today. Google has done a great job of combating these poorly optimized (or well optimized depending on your point of view) sites, allowing the more valuable content websites to replace them. Google Authorship has enabled bloggers to make a name for themselves and be found at the top of search results. That’s IF you create great content. And that’s a BIG ‘IF’! Here are a few tips to get your started on the right track to blogging success.


Tip #1: Write What You Know

If you have been writing for long enough, there is a strong chance that you’ve heard this already. Writing about what you know will give you the insight you need to get it right. If you fail to do this, your readers will know – especially those who are experts on the subject in question. If you need to write about a topic that you have no clue about, try to learn a bit before proceeding. Lack of knowledge can be spotted within the first paragraph and really turn off your readers.


Tip #2: Don’t Be Too Wordy

You might have an urge to write a LOT, and that’s okay! If you have intimate knowledge of the subject, you obviously want to keep your readers informed. But don’t keep them TOO informed. What do we mean exactly? Essentially, you could make the mistake of giving your readers “information overload”. You want to keep them interested but being too wordy can make your article seem like a run-on sentence which may result in a quick exit from your blog post.


Tip #3: Be Original

One of the most deadly pitfalls of blog writing is following the style of another writer to the letter.  Remember, people are not coming to you because they want the same thing they’ve been reading all over the net. They’re looking for something different. If you can provide them that little bit of difference, you are well on your way to building a repeat audience. Be yourself and be original.


Tip #4: Reach Out

Along with being original, you want to be diverse. We warned you to try writing about what you know, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn a few things along the way. Your blog is a journey and an opportunity to learn a plethora of new ideas and topics! Your blog is your canvas; paint the picture you want to see and ultimately, your readers will come back to your blog again and again.


Tip #5: Don’t Be a Slave to Search Engines

Yes, you want to be recognized by search engines, but you don’t want to stuff your blog with keywords to get noticed. This is a huge mistake, and far too many people end up making it. Google will spot this a mile away and actually penalize you for it. Therefore, you want to serve your readers, not Google, so keep that in mind as you write. Many writers focus on keyword density. While this is an important aspect of search engine optimization, we’ve found that if you write naturally, you can produce outstanding articles that are very SEO friendly.


Tip #6: Dare to Be Different

We mentioned being different before, but this is something else entirely. One of the mistakes that bloggers tend to make is that of being too careful. In other words they’ll hold back their true opinions because they’re afraid of offending their followers. Let’s be perfectly honest here; no one ever followed a blog because it felt safe. Be willing to take some risks on topics that you would normally shy away from.


Tip #7: Write Often

Update your blog often. But not too often! Many bloggers make the mistake of posting too many times per day. They search for topics that may generate interest but wind up wasting too much time on trying to find content topics. We’ve found that 2 to 3 blog posts per day is the sweet spot. It increases the chance of bringing back your readers often and also shows Google that you’re active. By showing Google you’re an active blogger and they’ll start indexing your blog posts within minutes, not days.


Tip #8: Have Us Write Your Blog Posts

Check it out… a Writocity ‘instaplug’! Yeah, yeah we probably shouldn’t promote our services in a blog post but what the heck, we did it anyway. If you find this tacky, just skip this tip and read the last paragraph. We won’t blame you for thinking that way. But in all honesty, we provide blog posts to some high profile websites who trust our writers enough to put their online reputation at stake. It took a while for us to gain that trust but once it was established, we’ve received free rein to produce engaging content for them. Go ahead and place a small order with us to see what we’re talking about. Or you can just keeping coming back to read out blog. Either way, we’d love you to stick around for a while.


These are just a few valuable tips for you to follow if you wish for your blog to achieve greatness. It won’t be easy, and it may not always be fun, but it will always be a great learning experience. If you keep it up, there is a good chance that your blog will be a success.

Stop reading and start writing! Go…Get out of here! Shoo! Scoot! Skedaddle! Beat it! Uhhh… that last one might be a little harsh. Sorry! 😉


Photo Courtesy or Flickr Creative Commons