Blog for Your Business

With the consistent growth and development of user friendly technologies these days, it’s as important as ever for businesses to be nimble to change and flexible to accommodate exactly what people want as far as how they receive information. Gone are the days of mail flyers, phone calls, or even informal press conferences where business related information is relayed for consumers to assess. We live in a time where nearly everyone has access to the Internet in more than one avenue, and blogs are our new “go to” places for information. Having a blog for your business can be very effective; if you’re teetering on the line, wondering why you should create one, pay close attention.

Blogs Reach Mass Audiences via SEO and Social Media

Most people don’t consider their business and say, “Well, I don’t really need to promote my business to as many people as possible… I’ll just stick to a handful”. The more people who know about your  business, the more business you will get. There are two tools you can utilize if you have a blog that will push your business to a whole new level in reaching people: Social Media and Search Engine Optimization.

Social media is one of the top ways for you to plug your blog, and for other people to spread the word about your business. Word of mouth and personal referrals are far more effective than any other method of advertising, and blogging alongside an active social media account like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are great ways to facilitate and gain momentum with followers.

Search Engine Optimization will loop in the method of ranking your business within a search engine using key words, descriptions, blog titles, and site accessibility. While some facets of search engine optimization can be researched and implemented without experts, your blog will rank the highest in a search if you enlist the help of an expert.

Blogs Give Your Business a Personalized Voice

Most people want to know the person behind the business, especially when it pertains to smaller operations. A blog will give you the opportunity to relay a voice, a personalized touch that will leave people with more of an impression than simply stated business facts. In essence, having a blog will leave people with a feeling of knowing you a little more, even if they’ve never actually met you. This is an excellent way to make people, not just willing, but excited to do business with you!

Blogs for Your Business Are Cost Friendly

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of ways to advertise your business; these methods range in cost from being completely free (social media), to costing thousands of dollars (advertising campaigns and consultant costs). The great news here? Blogs are on the cheapest end of that scale, and are among the most effective of methods. For smaller businesses, opt for a free blog – blog platforms like WordPress have customizable and versatile layouts and designs to fit nearly any business description. If you can spend some money on a blog, pay for a premium content and a layout, or hire a designer to customize exactly what you’re looking for. For a minimal amount of money, you’ll have launched your business to the next level.

Blogs Suggest That You’re Up to Date

It’s 2015; if you don’t have an online presence with your business, you’re undoubtedly perceived as out of date. Consider a number of things – from a client or consumer perspective, don’t you usually enlist the services of those who can provide the most efficient and professional manner of work? And doesn’t that indicate that the business you’re interested in hiring is up to date on technology? Even if the business has nothing to do with technology itself, to search for a blog or web site online and not find one… assumptions are made that you’re not quite up to speed with your competitors. Also, considering that many people find businesses via word of mouth on blogs and social media, this lack of presence online suggests that your business needs to be brought into the 21st century, and quickly in order to survive.

Are you convinced yet? Nine times out of 10, you must have a thriving online presence in order to have a successful business. Having a blog will show potential consumers that you are up to date, it will allow them to get to know the people behind the business, and it will prove to be the most cost affordable and effective method of advertising you could possibly hope for.