Blog Manager Cost

If you have a successful business, you more than likely have a thriving and active online presence. These days, that online presence occurs mostly in the form of blogs – a streaming timeline of content and information relevant to the consumer reading it. It’s truly necessary to have a blog that relates to your reader, and a fresh one at that. Old, stale blogs that are seldom updated serve little to no purpose outside of posting logistical operational information. To that end, smaller operations may have noticed that time to blog is few and far between.

If you’re a one man team, you have to “make”, advertise, and sell your product while you keep the books and promote your business. A blog, though infinitely beneficial, produces no immediate or definable income for a business, so it can be hard to want to budget your time accordingly so that you can dedicate man hours to the task. Nevertheless, it must be done. Your options? Shoulder the burden on your own… or hire a blog manager. Chances are the thought of having a little overhead in the form of a blog manager scares you, but here’s why it’s well worth the fright.

A Blog Manager Will Take a Ton Off of Your Plate, Stress-wise

You may not even realize it, but if you run a small team in your business, social media and blogging are likely a huge point of stress for you (if you care about it). Why? It’s your tool for broadcasting you and your business to the world, and so many negatives spin out of control if handled haphazardly. Comparison and criticism come from nearly every angle when you have a blog; you are devastatingly aware of how each post will be analyzed, broken down and digested by the public. You are selling yourself in the public eye: that’s a lot of pressure to take on, on top of everything else that you do. When you hire a blog manager, you’ll be shocked at how much stress is released when you are entrusting someone else with that responsibility. No more agonizing over blog posts or tweets or Instagram pictures when you should be crunching numbers; you’ve released that part of the business to someone else who you trust, and whose only responsibility is, to get that job done.

A Blog Manager Will Free Your Hands up for Other Things

Hours upon hours are spent blogging, if you have an active online presence. Producing content… writing it, editing it, posting it, and then tweeting it all for the world to see… it takes time. What’s worse? If you don’t have a good grip on time, if you’re not an efficient task oriented person, time will slip away as you write, re-write, and edit. When you delegate the task of producing content to a blog manager, you’re going to be shocked at how much more time you have to dedicate to other parts of the business – things you truly enjoy that will enhance the business and translate to profit and growth.

A Blog Manager Will Grow Your Online Presence

Depending on how you define the roles of blog manager, you should know that most blog managers have a myriad of roles, all encompassing the realm of social media. In other words, if you utilize your blog manager effectively, he or she will grow your online presence tremendously by using the tools and resources that are available for blogging. They’ll do this by posting consistently, regularly and effectively for your audience and consumers, and then by growing your following with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

A Blog Manager Needs No Formal Training or Costly Equipment

If you’re needing to hire some help, a blog manager is definitely going to be the most bang for your buck because the only thing they need is a computer (which they likely already have if they’re interested in blogging). You’ll want them to be familiar with your business, or at least the content or product you produce, so that the learning curve is fairly small. Allow them to spend some one on one time with you to learn your voice, what you care about, why you do business the way you do. Delegate clear rules and responsibilities about posting, and then give them a couple of test runs to see how they do in relaying your ideas. Before long, they should be able to take a bullet list of ideas from you, and craft it into a thoughtful post that reflects your heart as a business, all from the comfort of their own home and with their own computer. Not too shabby for such a load off of your plate!

A Blog Manager Can Be Cost Effective

Finally, a blog manager will be surprisingly cheap. Why? You’ll more than likely find a younger person, preferably a seasoned, well educated and mature college kid who’s looking to expand their experience for a resume. Young people are up on technology and social media, and the right young person may even be interested in growing in the company with you, understanding that they must start somewhere. It should be no surprise to them that they’ll make a modest hourly wage, not a life sustaining salary. Anything over $12 an hour just may get the attention of the right person in school, and you’ll probably need them part time at most. In many cases, you’ll pay less than $200 a week to have someone take over the hugely daunting but annoyingly important task of blogging. Keep in mind, what I outlined is for a very small business. If your business is a medium or large corporation, hiring someone in school just won’t be enough. You should hire a professional blog management team like Writocity!

So – are you convinced yet? Hiring a blog manager will take stress off of your plate, it will free up your plans for other things, it’ll grow your online presence, it’ll be easy to implement their role, and it’ll surprise you just how cheap it can be.