With all of the time, effort and energy you put into your Blog… what do you have to show for it? There’s no question that successful business operations today require a strategic plan that involves acquiring customers via online presence and social media. Maybe you know that, and maybe you’re trying, but maybe your numbers don’t reflect the conversion that you wish they did. What could you be doing wrong? Is there something you can change to help that conversion rate? We’ve looked into the issue of blog conversion to determine what really should be added to your blog to turn those visitors into customers. With these simple tips, we’ll show you how to make a blog convert better.

How to make a blog convert better

Add a Well Written “About Me” Page

Many people are a little uncomfortable making purchases or investing in a business or product online simply because they don’t know what or whom they’re investing in. They may come across your blog in a search, but ultimately without any knowledge of the man or woman behind the mask, so to speak, they may dismiss you and your business as cold, non-human, or not personable… three things that nobody wants to see in their vendor of choice. Truth be told, people today want to relate, and they want to know what they’re supporting and who they’re supporting.

With that said, give your readers a glimpse into your personal life, the behind the scenes. This will ultimately tell them who they’re investing in, and it’ll give you a chance to explain your relevancy in the business. For example, with a thorough “About Me” page, you’re not just a Financial Coach; you’re a Financial Coach who grew up in financial hardship, who climbed the rungs of education, experience and success with no support in order to create for yourself and your family a different life. Your “About Me” is where your job comes to life as your passion.


Add Meta Tags and Resources

Tags and resource pages make it easy for people to navigate your web site in order to get to the meat of what they’re looking for without getting lost or frustrated. Furthermore, creating certain keywords for these pages will help with search engine optimization, which will drive more visitors to your site, which logically will increase conversion.The beauty of adding a resource page lies in its simplicity. One mouse click on one link can lead to a more concentrated group of articles or information, which ultimately serves specific potential customers better than having them meander around the whole site looking for the same scattered information.


Add the Right Amount of HyperLinks

Outbound and interlinked hyperlinks are key to search engine optimization, and should be used as often as possible in order to drive up the number of visitors to your site. Not only do hyperlinks allow your page to rank well in terms of SEO, but they also cause a ping back to the originator of the link, which generates community among online vendors. For example, let’s say you’re a photographer who does weddings in the Charlottesville, Virginia area, and you’re about to post a wedding on your blog that took place at Pippin Hill’s Vineyard. It would behoove you tremendously to hyperlink to Pippin Hill’s site, rather than just state it for your own purposes without a link. Why? Linking to the venue will up your rankings in SEO, it’ll drive business to Pippin Hill, strengthening your relationship with the venue, who will in turn, link back to you.


Add Keywords in Titles

While you may write blog content with the urge to get creative and pull readers in with your unique charm and creative muse, think of your blog titles very practically and keep them simple. Do this mostly by using keywords. Think about how a search engine will rank your post if it’s called, “Sarah and John’s Snowy Winter Wonderland Wedding”, as opposed to “Sarah and John’s Winter Wedding in Telluride, Colorado”. With search keywords, the latter gains more traction among visitors searching for a vendor, and conversion rates increase simply based on blog traffic increase.


Increasing conversion is actually a rather simple method, and one that can be implemented using common sense and logical tactics. Increase SEO by utilizing keywords, tags and resources, and get personable with an “About Me” page to see some drastic results in customer acquisition via your online blog.


Photo Courtesy of Pixabay