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Have you built an online business or blog but don’t have the time to manage it? Well… we have the time and the team to do that for you! The Writocity team has 8+ years of website management services under our belt. We’ve taken brand new businesses from zero to hero. Taking an established business to the next level is something that our team thrives at. Here are a few of the managed services we offer our clients.

Blog Management

We’ll write the content!

Let us take over your blog management from soup to nuts. We’ll write the content, post the content with relevant photos, syndicate the content and make sure people see that content. Our blog managers know what it takes to create interesting content and capture the visitors attention. It’s an art form that not many content writers possess. But we’re lucky enough to have a team of them!

Social Media Management

Social Media Managers

Who has the time to sit there and tweet all day? Or how about posting on Facebook and Pinterest? We’re sure you’d love to have countless hours each day to take care of this task yourself. But let’s face it; you have better things to do. So let our Social Media Managers create a killer social media campaign for you. They’ll analyze your market and target the right users who’ll ultimately become active posters on your social media accounts. We’ll also post relevant topics and interact with your user base throughout the day. This creates the personality that most social media accounts lack. We put the fun back into social media and make it productive too!

eCommerce Management

We are the best!

Dreaming of opening an online store, only to have the nightmare of managing it crush that dream? Don’t sweat it! Writocity has opened and managed dozens of online stores for our clients. We’ll take care of opening the store on Big Commerce or Magento and add the products for you or migrate from another website you may have already started. Next you’ll need some customers so we’ve got you covered there too. We’re experts in promoting products on Social Media where everyone is hanging out these days. Then there is client management. You’ll need virtual assistance to manage your Live Chat. After all, a business with no customer service is no business at all. Our Live Chat staff, can handle customer inquires throughout business hours so you can focus on other aspects of your life.

As you can see, Writocity is no slouch when it comes to Managed Services. We’ll relieve you of the time constraints an online blog or business can put on you. Give us a call and tell us what you need and we’ll be glad to help.

Managed Services

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