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Press Release Writing

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At some point in time, every business needs a professionally written press release. Whether it’s a new company making their presence known or an existing company promoting a new product or service. A press release is one of the best marketing methods to get your word out to the masses. There is one problem though. A poorly written press release might be overlooked by the main stream media outlets. This will stop your media push dead in its tracks. That’s why you need a professional team of writers to handle your press release needs. Do you know who that team of writers is? You got it.!

Our press release writers know what it takes to produce a professional product that the media outlets will love. It all starts with placing an order. Once the order is received, one of our press release specialists will give you a call to discuss your project. During the call, we’ll ask you a few questions about the product or service you’re trying to promote. The answers to these questions will enable our writers to formulate the perfect press release to reach your company goals. After we obtain all the info we need to start writing; we’ll get to work! Within a few days, we’ll present the finalized press release for your review.

Keep in mind, a press release is just written words. You need a vehicle to get those words out. You can take advantage of our marketing prowess by using our Press Release Distribution Service. We’ll get that press release in front of the most popular PR directories that top editors scour every day for fresh content. If you interested in taking your press release to the next level, go here to check out what we can do for you!


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