When to Send a Press Release

Most savvy businessmen and women know and understand that timing is everything when it comes to releasing important information. A carefully crafted press release is no good if launched at a bad time, for it will undoubtedly lose its effectiveness and fall on deaf ears. Rather, a good business will always consider the timing of when to send a press release because they know that the smallest nugget of information could stir up a flurry of positive attention if they choose to strike when the iron is hot and send it to those who are thirsty for and eagerly awaiting this type of relevant information.

Send it When You Can Stand Out and Remain Relevant

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is sending your press release at the same time as your competitors who may be sending relevant information. For example, it wouldn’t be wise for Android to release their software updates and improvements during the latest iPhone launch. While the idea may be to draw attention away from Apple and to Samsung in this situation, with the amount of attention Apple is getting, your release will drown. Give it the attention it deserves by sending it before the world goes abuzz with the new iPhone, or months after the iPhone hype dies down and a few negative reviews begin to surface. In this way, your information is positive in contrast to Apple, remains relevant to the topic at hand, and stands out as refreshing, not redundant.

Send it After Anticipation Has Built

Never send good information in a press release without stirring first some anticipation amongst your viewers, readers or consumers. Generate conversation and tease them a little bit with what’s to come; let them want and leave them hanging, as their anticipation will build and generate more publicity than you could possibly generate with an “out of the blue” release. Using Apple as an example again, “rumors” of the new iPhone typically surface in June or July; the actual press release is launched in September of most years. From June to September, “the new iPhone” is all people talk about. It’s coming; it’s rumored to have this new cool feature; it’s going to be amazing – it’s all people talk about. When the release actually happens, there are people eagerly awaiting its arrival.

Send it When You’re Prepared for the Aftermath

Always expect a backlash of criticism, a heap of praise, and a plethora of questions and comments after you send a press release; be prepared for it. Not everything is easily prepared for – unexpected things do occur, but do your best to know how to counter these things in the public eye. The last thing you want to do is send a press release when you are unprepared for questions and criticism. Public humiliation comes swiftly for the business that falters and fumbles on statements and stances in regards to their latest press release.

It’s so important, so we’ll mention it again: timing is everything. Stand out but maintain a sense of relevancy, allow time for anticipation to build, and send it when you are fully prepared to embrace the aftermath.

Image Courtesy of Pixabay